YouTube enables people to discover, watch, and share originally-created videos. It is the world’s largest video sharing and discovery site. Gnip provides managed access to Youtube’s public API via the Data Collector. See below for details on the Keyword - Uploads (v3) endpoint and sample payloads.

Data Collector Streams 

Keyword - Uploads (v3)

This feed integrates with v3 of Youtube’s Data API to provide keyword-based video search results.

Input: Keywords and phrases

Output: Videos containing specified keywords in their titles, descriptions or tags

  • Multiple terms ANDed together
  • Quoted terms act as an exact phrase match
  • Adding a – to a term acts as a negation (NOT operator)
  • Adding a | character between acts as a boolean OR operator
  • Note: The v3 Youtube Data API does NOT support geo rules in queries

Notably, the v3 API from Youtube requires an API key. The following steps describe how to acquire one.

  • Create a Google account here or login with an existing one
  • Create a new project here (involves SMS verification)
  • From the project page, click through ‘APIs & auth’ > APIs. If this is not listed, turn YouTube Data API v3 ‘ON’
  • From project page, click through ‘APIs & auth’ > Credentials > Create New Key
  • Select Browser Key, but do not enter anything in the text box, click Create.
  • Copy the API key and paste it into the proper form field on your Data Collector feed’s Edit Settings page.

Sample Payloads