Panoramio is a geolocation-oriented social photo sharing website. Are you looking to analyze photo data related to specific locations? Panoramio is a photo sharing site dedicated to geolocated pictures, every photo on the network has geo data. With our Data Collector you can search for photos tagged with a given geolocation filtered by a bounding box geo-operator and receive the data in the same format as all the other data you collect from Gnip.

Gnip provides managed access to Panoramio’s public API via the Data Collector. See below for details on the specific type of access supported, and sample payloads.

Data Collector Streams 

Geo based search of photos

Input: Geo-rules only

  • Geo clauses in rules should be of the form bounding_box:[west_long south_lat east_long north_lat]
  • For example to search images from Honolulu, use the rule bounding_box:[-157.82 21.25 -157.80 21.35]

Output: Public photo objects from the Panoramio platform

Sample Payloads