Metacafe is one of the world’s largest video entertainment destinations. Video data is an interesting source of data for social media monitoring and analysis. Metacafe is one of the world’s largest video sites and a great source of unique content. With our Data Collector you can get today’s highest rated content in our Today’s Videos stream or you can search all videos for specific keywords with the Video Keyword Search steam.

Gnip provides managed access to Metacafe’s public API via the Data Collector. See below for details on the specific type of access supported, and sample payloads.

Data Collector Streams 

Today’s Videos

Input: N/A

Output: Unfiltered stream of today's highest rated videos, movies & funny clips by Metacafe.

Input: Keywords

Output: Metacafe videos that match your keywords

  • Multiple terms are ANDed together by whitespace
  • Quotes are ignored by the Metacafe API
  • Adding a – to a term acts as a NOT operator (e.g. “coca cola” –coke)

Sample Payloads