Flickr is a social photo platform that allows users to upload and share photos. If you’re looking to collect photo data then Flickr is a must have data source. As one of the largest photo saving, storing, and sharing sites there’s photo data related to whatever you need. With Flickr streams on our Data Collector you can search for photos by keyword, tag, or even by keyword within a radius of a specific geo location.

Gnip provides managed access to Flickr’s public API via the Data Collector. See below for details on the specific type of access supported, and sample payloads.

Flickr API keys can be generated here.

Data Collector Streams 

Input: Keywords and phrases, and geo-location rules

Output: Photos whose title/description/tags match your keywords

  • Multiple terms are ANDed together
  • Adding a – to a term acts as a negation
  • Adding quotes acts as an exact phrase match
  • point-radius rules are limited to 20 mi radius size, but can be defined in terms of either mi or km.
  • For point-radius rules, use the following format: point_radius:[lon lat radius]
  • Example geo rule: gnip point_radius:[-105.27346517 40.01924738 10.0mi]

Input: Keywords

Output: Photos matching the specified tags

  • Multiple terms ANDed together
  • Adding quotes acts as an exact phrase match
  • Negations and other operators are ignored with the remaining terms ANDed together

Input: Keywords

Output: Public photos marked with their locations, whose tags match your keywords

  • Negations are ignored, with the remaining terms ANDed together

Sample Payloads