Search API Requests

Example Code Snippets

The following snippets are examples of requests for Gnip’s Search API. These demonstrate one method of requesting full Tweet payloads from Search, although they may be modified to send a Counts request as well. You may use them as a starting point, building them out to incorporate the other functionality that is important to your app.

Other Utilities

The following utilities are not built or maintained by Gnip, but may provide a jumping-off point for your app.


A Ruby client for the Gnip Search API


Python package to handle simple Gnip Search API interactions, and paging back to 30 days for 1 or more filters

Search API Rails Demo Web App

Gnip has built an internal Rails app (link below) on top of its Search API product for demo purposes, in order to visually highlight the product’s functionality and the type of interface that Gnip customers could build into their products to leverage the Search API for internal use or exposure to their clients. This is not an official, supported application. You are welcome to utilize the app to help get started integrating the Search API into your product, but please do not contact Gnip support with any feature or enhancement requests.

You can find the code here: []