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Volume Streams

Volume Streams deliver bulk realtime data for you to capture and analyze.


New features, version differences, and sample payloads.


NEW! Likes are now available for use with Decahose and Firehose.

Recovery and Redundancy Features

Replay, Backfill, Redundant Connections, and Additional Streams.

API Reference

How to make a request to the API.


Get answers to frequently asked questions.

API Summary

Volume Streams (Firehose, Decahose, User Mention) deliver bulk Twitter data in realtime through an HTTP streaming connection.

Change Log

  • [08/01/2016] Replay is supported for Decahose, Firehose and Compliance Firehose (when purchased).
  • [08/01/2016] Klout 2.0 is now supported for Volume Streams.

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