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30-Day Search API

Gnip Search API for Twitter gives you complete and instant access to the last 30 days of Twitter data.


Key features and core concepts.

Rules & Filtering

List of supported operators and more.

API Reference

How to make a request to the API.

Code Samples

Code snippets to get your started.


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API Summary

This is a REST API that provides a rolling 30 days of access to historical Twitter data. You can make queries to the Counts endpoint for volume counts or for the data itself (JSON payload).

Change Log

  • [04/25/2017] Rules with Emojis now available for Search APIs
  • [01/17/2017] Quote_count and reply_count now availabale in original format payloads.
  • [11/10/2016] Support for additional geo operators:
    • place:
    • place_country:
    • has:profile_geo
    • profile_country:
    • profile_region:
    • profile_locality:
    See full List of Operators for more details.
  • [8/01/2016] Klout 2.0 now supported on 30-Day Search.
  • [6/28/2016] Counts and data results will now include "nullcasted" Tweets. Nullcasted tweets are Tweets created via the Ads platform for promotion. Not all promoted Tweets are Nullcasted (you can promote any tweet), but Nullcasted tweets are a subset of promoted tweets.
  • [6/28/2016] The "www" token of URLs will now be indexed, allowing for more accurate and natural matching for queries including URLs.

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