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Engagement API

The Engagement API provides access to impressions and engagement data for owned, organic Tweets, as well as public engagement metrics for any other Tweets of interest.


New features, version differences, and sample payloads.

API Reference

How to make a request to the API.

Code Samples

Code samples to help you get started.

API Summary

The Engagement API helps marketers improve Twitter ROI by providing accurate data on how content is seen and performs. The Engagement API provides impression and engagement data for any Twitter account’s owned, organic Tweets. This powerful, yet easy-to-implement solution gives immediate access to impressions and deep engagements such as URL clicks, #hashtag clicks, and many more.

The Engagement API also returns summary totals for un-owned Tweets that includes public metrics such as favorites, Retweets, and replies.

Change Log

Below is a list of recent changes to the API:

  • [05/03/16] GA Release!
  • [05/03/16] The /totals endpoint now includes impressions and engagements for owned Tweets created in the last 90 days.
  • [05/03/16] The /totals endpoint now includes the ability to get the favorite, retweet, and reply metrics for any Tweet, not just owned Tweets.
  • [05/03/16] Requests to the API must include compression, we recommend gzip.
  • [05/03/16] Changes to grouping behavior for groupings that include 4 group_bys. See API reference to learn more.