Gnip APIs

Documentation to help you integrate Gnip's APIs into your product.



Filtered realtime access to Gnip's complete-access data sources.

Volume Streams

Realtime access to unfiltered data -- full firehose, decahose, and others.

Consuming Streaming Data

Documentation on consuming PowerTrack and Firehose data streams.


Search API (Full-Archive)

Instant Access to the entire archive of Twitter Data based on complex PowerTrack filtering rules.

Search API (30-Day)

Instant Access to last 30 days of Twitter Data based on PowerTrack filtering rules.

Historical PowerTrack

Complete access to the archive of public Tweets.


Engagement API

Provides access to impressions and engagement data for owned, organic Tweets, as well as public engagement metrics for any other Tweets of interest.

Reliability Features


Recover data from within the last 5 days through a streaming API connection.


Reconnect to realtime streams from where you left off.

Redundant Stream

Connect to a realtime stream from two separate servers, providing a hot failover.

Data Compliance

Compliance Firehose

Delivers realtime compliance data to keep stored Twitter data compliant.

Consuming Compliance Data

Learn how to consume compliance messages used to keep stored Twitter data compliant.

API Usage

Usage API

Programmatically retrieve data on your usage of premium Gnip APIs.

Managed Public-API Access

Data Collector

A turnkey solution to collect social data from multiple public APIs.

Dashboard References

Gnip Console

The Console Dashboard provides visibility into your premium products and account.

Data Collector

The Data Collector Dashboard allows feed configuration and health monitoring.

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